Building the Durable Athlete with Cristian Plascencia

Joining me today is Cristian G. Plascencia, co-founder of The Durable Athlete. Currently based out of Austin, Texas, Cristian's experience being a patient at a physical therapy facility led to what is now his life-long passion. I often say, "Either you are going to get the lesson that you need or the success that you want," and that personal mantra of mine further resonated as I talked with Cristian.

Cristian talks all about how he defines and classifies "athletes," and we have a great discussion on both mobility and breathing. We also break down burn out and how to avoid letting that get the best of you.



You'll hear us dive into:
- The two components that define "mobility."
- Breathing practices.
- Burn out and how to push through.


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About Today's Guest

Cristian G. Plascencia is the the Co-Founder of The Durable Athlete and has spent spent his whole life trying to find the best equation to life to help maximize daily function and the longevity of our career. Starting at age 12 after a sports injury and realizing he enjoyed the setting, he spent 1000 hours at a physical therapy facility before leaving high school and heading into college. In college, he was able to intern with another physical therapy clinic out in Los Angeles County who exposed him to a holistic approach to health and fitness. It was the first time anyone had explained to him how nutrition, sleep, and our mental practices ultimately dictated the quality of everyday life as well as our physical performances. It was not too long after this realization and exposure to holistic health that he received a grant to conduct research on the effects of Whole Body Vibration techniques. This was a great exposure as it led him to eventually work with the strength and conditioning coach in assisting in the weight room with football and volleyball athletes. Cristian has since been able to travel and train with individuals like Earl Thomas, Andre Roberson, and Taylor Swift's reputation tour.

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