End-of-Year Strategies: Boosting Your Business Without Traditional Selling Techniques

BEST OF PT PROFIT PODCAST: In this insightful episode, we’re taking some footage from the vault to help you close of 2023 with some serious momentum.

Based on insights directly from the accelerators we’re working with and the metrics here at BSimpson Fitness, we will reveal the intricacies of engaging in sales discussions without resorting to traditional pushiness.

In this episode, we will debunk common myths about sales calls and equip you with the tools needed to effectively reduce resistance.

I also highlight the importance of empathy and active listening in sales, and break down the three key types of resistance you might face – process, personal, and resource-based – and demonstrate how to skillfully navigate each.

This episode is a crucial listen for anyone aiming to finish the year strongly, equipped with practical, empathetic strategies for business success.




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