Building Success: Trevor Aime’s Transition from Personal Trainer to Gym Owner

In Episode 341 of the PT Profit Podcast, I sit down with Trevor Aime, a dedicated personal trainer and business owner from Edmonton, Alberta. With well over 12 years of experience in personal training and the recent opening of his own facility, Trevor shares his inspiring journey of transitioning from a personal trainer to a gym owner.

During our conversation, Trevor opens up about the challenges and triumphs he encountered along the way, highlighting the importance of trusting the process and maintaining patience. He provides valuable insights into his programming philosophy, the significance of creating a supportive and welcoming environment for clients, and the crucial role that family and community played in his success.

Whether you’re a fitness professional, a gym owner, or someone passionate about fitness, Trevor’s story is sure to resonate and inspire. Join us as we explore his experiences, his approach to balancing personal and professional life, and the advice...

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How to Give Everything Away for Free and Still Get Paid to Coach

In this episode of the PT Profit Podcast, I dive into the delicate balance of offering free, valuable content while still making a living from coaching. I share insights on understanding the customer journey, crafting content that converts, and how to engage effectively on social media. By focusing on specificity and targeted messaging, I explain how fitness professionals can stand out and establish themselves as authorities in their niche. This episode is packed with actionable strategies for trainers and clinicians aiming to turn their followers into paying clients, without resorting to pushy sales tactics. 





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