Creating Content for Coaches Who Struggle with Social Media with Chris Liddle

In this episode of the PT Profit Podcast, guest host Chris Liddle dives into the world of content creation for coaches struggling with social media. From leveraging client achievements and testimonials to strategic posting and utilizing scheduling tools, Chris offers actionable strategies to enhance online presence and connect with your audience effectively. Discover how to create impactful content with minimal effort, tailor your messaging to resonate with your target audience, and stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Whether you're juggling multiple responsibilities or seeking to amplify your online appeal, this episode is packed with insights to help you navigate the challenges of social media marketing and achieve your business goals. Join us for a journey into making your coaching business thrive online.





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Mastering Podcast Growth and Optimization with Courtney Elmer

Courtney Elmer shares her journey of personal transformation and how it led her to start her own business in podcasting. She discusses the importance of having a niche and a problem to solve, as well as the power of using your voice to create meaningful change. Courtney also explains her process for launching and growing a podcast, including the importance of creating binge-worthy content and leveraging your email list.




Help Us Help More People. When you leave a review on apple or Spotify, it helps us share the message so that we can raise the industry standards and help more people for free. 

About The Guest

Courtney Elmer is not just a sought-after consultant, host, and keynote speaker—she's your go-to guide for turning your voice into a catalyst for positive change. With over 7 years of expertise in marketing and business psychology, she's known as the leading authority on the science behind what makes podcasts succeed (or...

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