How to Optimize Your TikTok for Business and Audience Growth with Wave Wyld

Today we're talking to TikTok expert Wave Wild about how to use the platform to grow an audience and business. Wave talks about how the platform is different from other social media, and how to take advantage of the unique culture of TikTok. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the platform, creating content that resonates with the audience, and using the platform’s features to optimize content for maximum reach. She also provides advice on how to measure success and track progress. Wave's advice provides insight into how to use the power of TikTok to engage an audience and grow a business.

The pandemic changed the business of a content creator who was doing photo and video for business owners. A friend suggested that Wave join TikTok and they had fun experimenting with the platform. After creating some semi-viral videos, she noticed that her Instagram audience had questions about how to use TikTok for business. This was a lightbulb moment when she realized...

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