The Power of Powerlifting with John Sheridan

John Sheridan, owner of Burley Strength gym in Canberra, Australia, shares his journey from powerlifter to coach. He emphasizes the importance of creating an inclusive environment and offering a third gender division in competitions. John also organizes novice competitions to introduce people to powerlifting and discusses the positive impact of training on his own life. He highlights the value of coaching and the need to be adaptable and empathetic to clients' goals and needs. John reflects on the transition from athlete to coach and discusses his current training for a 24-hour mountain bike race. Follow John on Instagram for updates on his training and journey.





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About Today's Guest

John is the owner & head coach at Burley Strength. He has been...

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From Midwife to Growing a Fitness Business with Sharelle Grant

Do you feel like you never had a role model that resonated with you when you were just getting started? Are you looking for continuing education that speaks to the population that you serve?

Sharelle Grant and I talked about her entry into the fitness industry and her experiences with midwifery and nursing. We reflect on the moments where she found herself learning more about women's health and how that's highlighted the importance of empowering other women with challenging science-based strength programs and continuing education.

We talk about how women's fitness isn't just the 3lb pink dumbbells that have been portrayed in articles online and in print and we discuss the direction we want to see the industry go in the years to come.

This is a great episode! You're going to love it! Be sure to tag us on social when you tune in!




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About Today's Guest 

Sharelle Grant is a Registered Nurse, Midwife,...

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