Increase Your Endurance in the Fitness Industry with Leanna Carriere

Coaches, are you wanting to reach new heights and go after what you want in your career? In this episode, Leanna Carriere talks about just that. As a mother, athlete, coach, and business owner, she has been in the industry for nearly 2 decades. Through first hand experience she's learned what it takes to go after goals her goals. 

If you are interested in learning how she plans to cycle, packraft, swim and hike from Alaska's High Arctic to the southern tip of South America, you'll want to tune in. 

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About Today's Guest 

Leanna Carriere is and endurance adventure athlete and a personal trainer
She's been in the industry for over 15years, has a 5year old daughter, and started a chocolate company for adventurous souls called 7 Summits Snacks. She's...

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Helping Women Manage Life and Movement with Dr. Sarah Duvall

This episode is incredibly relatable for moms. Also, if you coach, train, or work with moms you're going to want to get to know Dr. Sarah Duvall!

We hold nothing back in this conversation about women's health, the things women experience in their bodies leading up to and after pregnancy, training, recovery and pelvic floor health.





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About Today's Guest 

Dr. Sarah Duvall is a wife, mom and adventure sports athlete. Sarah is a women's health and fitness specialist. As founder of Core Exercise Solutions – a center for continuing education and online programs – Sarah is passionate about empowering individuals to learn and grow in their own journey of healing. When she is not hanging off the side of a mountain, Sarah enjoys writing and presenting at and figuring out how her patients can continue to pursue their dreams and lead strong,...

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