Business Contradictions: The Truth About Volume

In this episode of PT Profit Podcast, I explore the nuanced world of volume in business. I delve into how volume affects visibility, profitability, and revenue, especially in the fitness industry. I share insights on the importance of understanding volume in various contexts, such as niche recognition and strategic ad use. Balancing volume with quality and developing sustainable sales systems are key themes. Join me as I blend practical tips, personal experiences, and my unique perspective on volume's role in a thriving fitness business. 



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Business Contradictions: The Truth About Visibility

In this episode of the PT Profit Podcast, I discuss the importance of visibility in growing a successful fitness business. I emphasize that being the most visible in your niche is crucial for becoming number one. I explain that visibility is a key component of the growth equation, along with value and volume. I debunk common contradictions about visibility, such as the belief that ads should only be used once a certain revenue milestone is reached. Additionally, I highlight the importance of prioritizing time over money and offer strategies for increasing visibility, including establishing authority, using ads, collaborating, and consistently posting content. I encourage listeners to be honest with themselves about their resources and preferences and to choose a visibility plan that aligns with their goals.  

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