The Power of Podcasts and Interviewing with David Stark

David Stark, head of sales for Expert VR and host of the Athletes Podcast, shares his journey and the three pillars he works within: software simulation development, podcasting, and a female athlete sports agency. He emphasizes the importance of time management, having a strong team, and being deliberate with one's time. David also discusses the challenges of managing multiple businesses and the need for patience and persistence. He highlights the importance of starting a podcast out of genuine interest and passion, and advises new podcasters to be consistent and patient with their growth. David also recommends putting podcasts on YouTube for additional exposure and shares tips on repurposing content for the platform. He emphasizes the power of podcasting in providing in-depth conversations and storytelling compared to radio shows and sports commentary shows. David discusses the lessons he has learned from interviewing professional athletes, including the importance of knowing...

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Upgrade your Video Content with Enrico Incarnati

Have you ever felt that your content didn't get the reach that it deserved? You're going to want to tune into this episode with Rico. This episode is geared for everyone that's looking to get better at video. Whether you're just starting out or have been doing it for a while, Enrico shares with us a lot of the trends and important key takeaways that all business owners should be aware of when growing an online business.  




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About Today's Guest 

Enrico specializes in helping Health & Fitness Professionals, Online Fitness Coaches, and Fitness Business Owners grow their attention and audience on social media. He's a Media Strategist and Videographer with experience working with some of the most widely recognized fitness professionals on social media including Jordan Syatt. He has an impressive collection of limited edition Oreo cookies and has an obsession with...

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Finding the Perfect Athletic Fit with Jake Boly

Jake and I had a lot of fun with this one and you're going to want to tune in.

If you are a consumer of shoes and apparel, this episode is a must listen! Jake brings his years of experience in writing and his credentials as a coach into his work every day.

You might find that shoe and apparel reviews are hard to filter through because you never see anyone actually use the product for its intended purpose, Jake has created something better. Perhaps you notice the reviews you've seen don't reference the features that might be helpful for specific tasks. It might appear like all the reviews you've seen in the past are incentivized so you don't feel like you can trust anything anymore. Jake is changing the game! 

Learn about the importance of being able to back up the context of content as a means to raise the standards of the industry. By supporting content that's created with integrity, we get more resources that can make things easier as fitness professionals.


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How to Use YouTube to Build Your Email List for Fitness Professionals

Meredith Marsh is a total introvert with over 5 Million views on YouTube, the creator behind the VidProMom YouTube channel and blog, and founder of the Video Pursuit Society where she helps solo content creators increase their audience and income online with video content and social media.



In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 5 essential ways you can grow your business and therefore earn revenue - and do it without ads
  • How to create a “Save Me” series and use it to get your ideal client added to your email list
  • What a “lead magnet” is, the best content to use for it, and how to make it work for you

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