How to Stand Out In the Fitness Space without Re-inventing Biomechanics

In this episode, I discuss how to stand out in the fitness space without reinventing biomechanics. I address common struggles and concerns that fitness professionals face, such as feeling like they have nothing new to say or not being ready yet. I emphasize the importance of going all in on oneself and recognizing one's expertise at the current level. I also advise giving credit and context when sharing knowledge and experiences, as this helps to establish credibility and authenticity. Lastly, I encourage moving away from traditional ways of niching and instead focusing on the specific problem one solves, the specific outcome delivered, and the unique mechanism used to help clients.


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Continuing Education, Movement Variability, and Mental Health with Mike Woodby

In this episode Mike Woodby shares his unique approach to coaching, centered around trust and connection with athletes. With a focus on individualization and customization, Mike delves into the intricate details of biomechanics, movement patterns, and injury history to unlock an athlete's true potential. Drawing from a diverse range of viewpoints and groundbreaking training methods, he explores the significance of psychology and hormones in achieving optimal performance. In his 12-week internship program, Mike encourages creativity, teaching coaches to step outside strict systems and embrace continuous learning through practical application. Discover the transformative power of personalized training, communication, and understanding an athlete's goals, motivations, and limitations. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to tag us on social media!





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How to Standout in the Fitness Space without Re-inventing Biomechanics or Copying

Are you feeling as though there is no way to stand out without echoing what other people are saying? Do you feel like the only way to get ahead is to create a method that reinvents the basics?

It's simply not how it has to be. We talk about all that and more on this episode of the PT Profit podcast. It's important to understand that who YOU are is what makes your business successful. To try and copy or reinvent what already works or what someone else is already doing will only slow you down.

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