The Truth About Action: Lesson Number 7

In this episode, I discuss the truth about taking action and how it can impact your success. I emphasize the importance of being responsible for your actions and not getting caught up in the pursuit of success. I also highlight the role of fear and how it can hold you back from taking action. I encourage you to integrate fear and move through it faster in order to achieve your goals. Additionally, I share my own experience of being comfortable in the chaos and how it hindered my progress. I advise you to be honest with yourselves about your actions and make decisions based on what aligns with your goals. I conclude by challenging you to consider what actions you are not taking and to tap into the resources available to you to move forward.

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How to Build Your Authority Online - What to do When You Don't Feel Ready

Have you ever wondered why some individuals excel in their field while others struggle to make an impact? If you find yourself asking questions like, "Why purchase from me when they can buy from someone else?" or "How do I build my authority?", then this podcast is for you.

In this episode, we delve deep into the distinction between expertise and authority, two words often used interchangeably but with fundamentally different meanings. As an expert, you possess a level of skill and knowledge derived from education, clinical experience, and practical application. You have the ability to transform your expertise into tangible results that positively impact others.

But here's the thing: expertise alone is not enough. Authority is what truly sets you apart. We explore how authority is not solely dependent on your current level of expertise but is a conscious decision to step into your role as an authority in your field. We provide insights, strategies, and practical tips to help...

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The Systems and Structures Behind a Multiple 6-Figure Business

In this episode, we dive deep into the essential factors that drive business growth. It's not just about the numbers; it's about gaining clarity on what it truly takes to succeed.

Join me as I break down the crucial systems and structures that need to be in place for sustainable growth. Along the way, we encounter ceilings and bottlenecks in resources, time, energy, and effort. But fear not, because I reveal how to make strategic decisions on resource allocation to maximize your return on investment.

One common misconception is that as we reach new levels of success, we face entirely new challenges. But the truth is, it's the same challenges dressed in different forms. I'll show you how to navigate these challenges with confidence and trust in your decision-making abilities.

In the previous episode, I shared a specific process for measuring the math behind a six or seven-figure business. If you haven't tuned in yet, I highly recommend checking it out first for a solid foundation.


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