How To Train the Pregnant and Postpartum Client with Brianna Battles

Today I sit down with a very special guest – Brianna Battles – to discuss training the pregnant and postpartum client. She has been instrumental in educating me and changing the trajectory of my career as a trainer, and I am so happy to share this interview with you all.

Pregnancy and postpartum athleticism is an area that can be lacking in trustworthy information online and on social media. Often times on social media, one trainer might suggest you take this or that easy. Another might push the idea that you can keep going at the rate you always have. The truth is that just like with everything else, training during pregnancy and postpartum is highly specific to the individual.

In this episode, Brianna Battles talks all about...
- How postpartum is forever – a fact many people do not take into consideration – and your athleticism does not need to end when your motherhood begins.
- Pregnancy introduces a number of physiological factors that...

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How to Create Building Muscle Buy-In from Female Clients

In this episode, Candace talks to us about her odyssey from weightlifting newbie to physique competitor to personal trainer and business owner while addressing an issue that many trainers find in their business: helping their female clients push past their fear of building muscle and the ideology that only extreme calorie deficit and cardio will get them the results they need.

 In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why being able to speak to certain experiences in your own fitness journey can be the bridge between your client and training adherence
  • How to adjust your programming for working out at home so that clients continue to see results when gyms are shut down - and for online training in general
  • Tips for programming cycles for strength training nutrition

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