The Complete Blueprint to Consistent 20k Months and Beyond

In this episode of the PT Profit Podcast, I share the blueprint for hitting consistent 20K months in your online personal training business. I delve into boosting client performance, effectively packaging and positioning products, and navigating personal roadblocks to revenue growth. This episode focuses on the essence of integrity, commitment, and flexibility in achieving goals. I introduce my unique marketing strategies that prioritize profitability over popularity, underscoring the value of conversion content in expanding your client base. I also outline a customer journey blueprint, advocating for a pressure-free, permission-based sales approach. Moreover, I discuss the crucial role of emotional regulation in business success and wrap up with an invitation to the PT Profit Accelerator for a tailored, detailed implementation plan. This episode serves as a comprehensive guide for fitness professionals looking to scale their online business ethically.



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How to Grow Your Business When You Hate Selling

In this episode, we address the common issue of hating selling and feeling sleazy about it. We explain that our relationship with money and past experiences can shape our feelings towards selling. To overcome this resistance, we suggest examining our relationship with money and shifting our perspective on selling. We also emphasize the importance of taking no for an answer and selling at the right time. Ultimately, we encourage listeners to view selling as a service and an opportunity for clients to say yes to themselves. 



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How I Sold $40k in One Day with Ten 15-Minute Calls

Success, business, and coaching are all funny things. They are, in essence, living things.

They grow, shift, and change, and despite what some programs make business out to be, there's no "right" way to do it. You need to find the aspects that are in alignment with you.

That's where I'm at today and digging into deep as I, surprise, launch a new 90-day cycle of the PT Profit Formula this week.

I've run this program live and then via a portal since 2020, and I have spent a lot of time thinking about the various aspects of how it is all presented and then digested lately. Doing so has led me come up with a fantastic new way to release the Formula program in a way that will benefit each coach going through the process.

Today I unpack:
- Why I am reevaluating how I teach my clients.
- The cohesive bond that forms within group coaching programs and masterminds.
- How having zero qualms selling helps me close sales.
...and so much more. Join my private Facebook group for Online Fitness...

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