How Every Obstacle Became a Super Power with John A. Brink

If you feel like you're not ready to chase your dreams, or that you haven't always been a star in the classroom setting, this episode is for you. 

In 1965, John A. Brink left the Netherlands for Canada equipped with only a single suitcase and $25.47 in cash. He had no connections, he didn’t speak the language, and he’d never finished elementary school, yet he was convinced he could make his dream to build his own sawmill come true. 

John competes in bodybuilding at 82 years old. He has multiple successful companies, owns and rides horses and when he's not busy with everything else, he also flies planes. John has learned that the key to success is uncovering your super power, leveraging it, and surrounding yourself with people who have the right attitude in life.

If you hate your job, something needs to change. As someone who lives with ADHD, John sees his ADHD diagnosis as an asset and not a liability. However, it wasn't always this way as he struggled...

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