How to Build a Program with Principles with Dr. Michelle Boland

In this episode with returning guest, Dr. Michelle Boland, we dive deep into the art of simplifying complex ideas without losing their essence, the importance of principles in program design, and how to tailor fitness strategies to individual needs. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a seasoned coach, this episode is packed with insights and practical advice. Support the podcast by leaving a 5 start rating and review and share it on social media! 





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About The Guest

Dr. Michelle Boland, distinguished as a certified strength and conditioning coach, is the founder of Michelle Boland Training, LLC. Formerly serving as the Director of Education at a private training facility, Michelle brings extensive experience from her role as a...

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The Impact of Cancer with Dr. Joe Zundell

For many of us in our industry, the reason we do what we do may be because of something that happened within our own lives. For Dr. Joe Zundell, he was greatly impacted by the cancer diagnosis his mom received. Joe takes us through what we should be considering in our programming and coaching style when we're working with people who are battling cancer. His research is extensive and will evidently help the many many people impacted by cancer to have a greater understanding of how to help more people. You're really going to want to tune into this episode.  




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About Today's Guest 

 Dr. Joe Zundell received his PhD in cancer biology through the University of the Sciences and The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, PA. As a cancer biologist he has over 10 years of cancer research experience. Much of his published research has...

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The Human Component to Programming with Brandon Schultze

Brandon Schultze is an online coach and owner of Atomic Performance and Educator for Pre-Script® which is a principles-based education company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human performance by forging better coaches and creating better athletes. During the interview he discusses the human component to coaching and programming, and how he got to where he is now. He started in the industry about seven years ago, initially as a personal hobby and love for working out and training. He has since developed a course around breathing and training. He shares his knowledge and skills to a younger training crowd as well as to people looking to improve their job. He talks about the importance of understanding the human component to training and programming.




What are some of the ways that you have continued to stay motivated and continued to educate yourself?


And that's kind of the fitness industry as a whole. It's...
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Program Design After Passing the CSCS with Dr. Matt Casturo

Education is a fundamental part of the fitness industry, and I am a huge proponent of absorbing as much as you can as long as it does not distract you from your goals a la the Coach's Curse.

One of the many certifications that a trainer or physical therapist can acquire is the NSCA's Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist exam. The CSCS is an expansive certification designed for strength and conditioning coaches that has scientific and practical components, covering topic such as nutrition, exercise science, and scenario-based analyses.

Today Dr. Matt Casturo joins me to talk all about how he blended his strength and conditioning background with his physical therapy education to create the Movement System and help educate other physical therapists and trainers as they study for the CSCS. We dive deep into program design, and Matt outlines how learning its fundamentals will benefit their clients and help avoid things like burnout. He also goes into detail about slight...

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