The Fastest Way to Help You Get Your Clients Moving and Adhering to the Program

In this podcast episode, George Pagan III, a personal trainer from Miami, shares his experiences in sports, networking, and the world of continuing education. He speaks about how he helps entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their fitness goals. He also discusses how he uses the Miami weather to encourage clients to go for walks and explore the city's parks and bridges. George shares valuable insights on how coaches should connect with clients and listen to them before correcting any mistakes. Tune in to this episode for game-changing fitness tips. Remember if you tune in, share it on social and tag us so we can chat about your favorite takeaways. 



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Taking the Leap: Embracing In-Person Continuing Education

Chris Liddle Guest Hosts an episode talking about why you should definitely be embracing in-person continuing education after we've had years where travel was restricted. 

With the value you gain in your network or friends and colleagues as well as the advancement in your skillset and level of experience, your investment will always be well worth it.

If you want to join us at Fit Biz Live, or if you're listening to this later and want to be in the loop about future opportunities, message @bsimpsonfitness to learn more! 




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How to Live a Limitless Life with Andy Ramage

Coaches, want to live a limitless life and help your clients do the same?

Andy Ramage is an advocate for the alcohol-free community. He stopped drinking 10 years ago and it changed his life for the better. Now he wants to inspire others to do the same. In this episode he defines a middle lane drinker as someone who drinks averagely, heavily, moderately or not at all, which is around 70% of the adult population in the Western world.

Andy believes that taking a break from alcohol can have a transformative effect on one's life. The conversation in this episode is about the fitness industry's all-or-nothing mentality and how it relates to alcohol. Andy shares about how he started drinking at 13 in order to fit in and how that led to a problematic relationship with alcohol. He explains how it felt like an elixir to fit in and how society's marketing and adults in their life made it seem like a great thing.

After getting injured at 20, he fell into the world of the stock market...

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The Truth About Building Durable and Resilient Humans with Ed Williams

Ed Williams is a coach and teacher who helps people build durable and resilient humans. He believes in a contrarian approach to self-care and pushing oneself in a way that is fun, safe, and helpful. Ed shares his story of how he got into this work, as well as how he serves his clients.

Ed Williams has been in the fitness industry for over 21 years and serves as an educator for personal trainers and coaches.

He is also passionate about helping high school athletes recover from injuries. He believes that fitness is about being resilient and finding ways to be strong and durable.

In order to build a resilient human, it is important to have a positive outlook and to be truthful. It is also important to learn and continue to evolve in order to be successful. 

Ed believes that people are more resilient than they give themselves credit for, and that strength training is a positive tool for building strong, resilient people. He also believes that the message of people...

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Building a Career You Love with Dan Feldman

Dan Feldman joins us for an incredible episode talking about balancing out your career, building a lucrative business, and breaking through brick walls. 

He shares with us how he became a Registered Dietitian, and the many passions and pursuits he has in his life.

You're going to get a lot of takeaways from this episode so be sure to screenshot and tag us so that we can chat about what it.





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About Today's Guest 


Dan Feldman is a registered dietitian with a private practice and competitive powerlifter. He has a passion for nutrition, research, lifting weights, and helping people. In his downtime he also enjoys learning language and honing his musical skills on guitar and piano.

Dan earned his Bachelor of Science in Dietetics in 2016, and his Master of Science in Human Nutrition in 2018, both from the University of Delaware. He went on to complete his...

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