How To Price Your Product with Vince Del Monte

Today we have a superstar in the online fitness industry joining us. I am so pumped to bring you all Vince Del Monte, who shares with us invaluable insights into the running an online business. Vince and I dive deep into pricing, the strategies you need to know, and what you can do to scale up your business once you identify the root cases of the problems you may be having. This episode was such a treat for me to record. Vince shares with us what it has been like running his multiple 7-figure business, how he manages to pass through the "Messy Middle," and talks to us about the Red Spot Syndrome.

You'll hear:
- Ways to work your way out of the Saturated Market, past Stiff Competition, and through Impostor Syndrome.
- The pieces of building a business that can't be faked.
- What you need to know about scaling a business.


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About Today's Guest

Vince Del Monte is a 7-Figure Fitness Business Results Coach who...

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How To Price Your Products

Price is marketing, coaches. Don't forget it.

In fact, I believe in that statement so much that I have to take a moment and repeat it again when I tell you about that in this brand new marketing episode of PT Profit Podcast. I'm gearing up for another launch, and in addition to my upcoming Simple Selling Series beginning May 17th, I had planned on doing a live one-day business bootcamp. Life, however, has won out on that front, so instead of stress out about making that happen, I have decided to bring you the contents of that bootcamp as a few podcasts.

First up is this episode all about pricing. Assigning a value to your products can be stressful, so I wanted to take a moment and chat with you all 1-on-1 to unpack it all. Instead of worrying that the price you choose might exclude some people, let me walk you through how pricing is actually all about the endless possibilities to get you the life you deserve.

In today's episode, you'll hear me dive into:
- What you should...

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