The Truth About Manual Therapy with Dr. Nick Torres

What's up, coaches? We're back today with another brand new episode of the PT Profit Podcast with guest Dr. Nick Torres, the Manual Man.

In today's interview, we take a dive into manual physical therapy. Dr. Nick talks to me about the differences between manual therapy and more traditional physical therapy. We also talked about foam rolling and stretching and when/whether you should be doing it.

You'll hear us talk about:
- what "manual therapy" is.
- topics such as foam rolling and its uses as well as active stretching.
- the common red flags we should pay attention to when raised by our clients.

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About Today's Guest

Dr. Nick Torres had always been curious, constantly questioning what others believed to be facts and searching beyond traditional physical therapy for a deeper way to heal. So when he found himself in the small town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Nick feared he wouldn’t find anything...

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Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Pilates with Alison B. Marsh

Alison B. Marsh of Pregnancy Pilates Impact joins me today to talk all about pilates. She educates us on the definition of "perinatal" and why she uses that term when talking about her work, and she walks us through some pilates history and why it is a great form of exercise for pregnant and postpartum clients. 

You'll hear us talk about topics such as:
- Why Alison believes pilates is the best fitness system.
- The importance of recognizing that some medical professionals are focused on healing specific organs rather than providing therapy for an entire system.
- Some misconceptions about pilates.

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About Today's Guest

Alison B. Marsh is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and the founder of Pregnancy Pilates Impact. 

Teaching Pilates since 2002, Alison has dedicated her career to educating and supporting Pilates teachers in developing the confidence and competence to teach and positively impact pregnant and...

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Strength for Runners with Romina Kostich

Today's episode welcomes Romina Kostich from Skilled Strong to talk all about how running turned from a passion into a career after she started to injure herself while training. She became fascinated by the knowledge the physical therapists brought to her rehab sessions, noticing things like tension merely upon sight, and ultimately she ended up working for big box gyms before starting her own business.  Skilled Strong focuses on utilizing strength training for runners, taking into account each client's personal fitness and injury history and other factors including lifestyle and age as opposed to the same handful of exercises shoved into the average runner's face via magazines and blog posts.

You'll hear us discuss:
- Differences between strength for runners and the running coaches.
- How ribcage joints move and how to breathe.
- The biggest gaps that coaches miss to help improve runners. 

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About Today's Guest

Romina Kostich is a...

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The Champion Mindset with Tony Taveras

Today's podcast features a great conversation that I had with Tony Taveras, an IFBB Classic Physique Pro. In addition to having a successful career in fitness, Tony is also the Vice President of Linear Roofing & General Contractors. Tony talks to me about following your gut and instincts and betting on ourselves in order to reach our fullest potential. 

You'll hear us talk about:
- The fitness principles that can be used in other areas of your life.
- Time management and how Tony is able to manage a multi-million dollar business while also maintaining his fitness.
- The power of encouragement.

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About Today's Guest

Tony Taveras has 10 years of experience recruiting, developing, and managing sales teams across both the fitness industry and the roofing industry. He specializes in building winning cultures for companies in order to take them to the next level. Tony has developed a strong ability to inspire others to step...

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The True Impact of Fitness with Alan Shaw

"Every person that comes into Rhapsody, whether they're a member or not ... I think I can say, hands down, they would say, 'Man, they are probably the most welcoming community that I've been a part of.' And that's purposeful."

In today's episode of the PT Profit Podcast, I had the privilege of speaking with Alan Shaw of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC. We talk all about the pure humanity of fitness and the sense of belonging that can be fostered. Given a lot of what's been going on in the world over the past year, it was so fantastic to talk to Alan about an organization that fully embraces that and strives to better their community.

We get into sales. We get into training. We discuss staffing, clients, and what it would take for Rhapsody to expand. And we talk about attitude, outreach and truly seeing each other and supporting each other as human beings.

You'll hear Alan and I discuss:
- How important authenticity is from the front desk to coaching to...

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Becoming a Better Fitness Professional

Welcome to the PT Profit podcast! During this inaugural episode, we dive into how fitness professionals can improve their business models and why this is a topic so close to my heart. Live the life you love without resorting to sleazy tactics! 

I talk about:

  • The pressure that comes with being a solo-podcaster.
  • Setting the tone for this podcast.
  • What I’m bringing to the table.
  • The lowered expectations set for mothers.

...and so much more!

Join me on this journey.


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