Optimize Information Overload for Fitness Professionals

science Jun 12, 2020


Welcome back to the PT Profit podcast. Today, Dr. Michelle Boland and I discuss how others can make the most of their continuing education. 

Tune in to hear what Dr. Boland had learned from her clients and how navigating available information is important for independent business owners.


  • How Dr. Boland’s collegiate career led her to where she is today.
  • Gaining experience working with DI athletes.
  • What she learned from working with Hockey players.
  • Who Dr. Boland primarily works with as an independent trainer.
  • Why her remotes clients are often her favorite,
  • Creating a network.
  • Navigating a massive influx of information.


“...And that’s where I kind of really dived into, kind of, the hard-scale, so, working on learning more about programming, coaching, biomechanics, exercise physiology in a practical setting, instead of in a laboratory.”

“I think the biggest struggle that trainers have is, there’s this constant...

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