Unlocking Fitness Success: Personalizing Programs with Alex McBrairty's Behavioral Insights

Today, we're thrilled to welcome back Alex McBrairty, a pioneer in the fusion of psychology and fitness coaching. Alex is here to share how he crafts personalized fitness strategies that align perfectly with individual personality traits, ensuring that each client not only meets but exceeds their health goals. We'll dive into the methods behind his success, exploring how understanding personality can transform fitness outcomes. So tune in, as we uncover the secrets to tailoring your fitness journey with Alex’s expert insights!




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About the Guest 

Alex McBrairty is a renowned fitness psychologist, coach, and writer, who has carved a niche in blending fitness with psychology to motivate and guide individuals towards a healthier lifestyle. With a Bachelor of Arts...

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4 Ways to Double Your Revenue in 3-6 Months

In this episode, I share exclusive insights from my own journey, how I shifted from traditional to online training, and the strategic moves that helped me maximize my visibility and client engagement through platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We'll explore practical tips on crafting compelling content, engaging with your audience in meaningful ways, and converting followers into loyal customers.

Whether you're a seasoned trainer or just starting out, these strategies are designed to empower you to harness the power of social media, expand your reach, and ultimately, drive more revenue. 

So grab your notebook, and let's get ready to transform your online presence into a powerful tool for business growth!

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Unlocking Fitness Secrets for Moms Over 40: Transform Your Lifestyle with Bryan Fitzsimmons

In this episode we chatted with Coach Bryan Fitzsimmons, creator of Fit40, host of the Fit40 Podcast a fitness program designed for moms over 40. Bryan shares his journey from aspiring firefighter to fitness expert, explaining how he tailors workouts for the unique needs of older women. Expect practical tips on overcoming diet myths, building sustainable workouts, and staying motivated. Whether you’re looking to be stronger or do more in your day, Bryan’s insights will help you get there. Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with actionable fitness advice!



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About the Guest 

Bryan Fitzsimmons is a fitness professional specializing in helping individuals over 40 achieve their health and fitness goals. He is known for his work with the Fit 40...

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Build Authority with a Book with Korey Van Wyk

In today’s episode we sit down with Korey Van Wyk, a seasoned expert whose career has spanned from being a strength and conditioning coach to an acquisitions editor in the publishing world. Korey shares his unique journey from the field of exercise science and nutrition to the intricacies of academia and finally into the publishing industry, where he now shapes the future of educational resources. We delve into the transition points of his career, the challenges of moving from teaching to publishing, and his current role at Cognella. Korey also gives invaluable advice for anyone considering writing a book, whether it’s academic or aimed at a broader audience. Tune in to gain insights from Korey’s diverse experiences and learn how versatility can be your greatest asset in navigating career changes.  





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Best of: Pregnancy and Postpartum Considerations with Brianna Battles

Today I'm thrilled to share a very special "Best of" episode with you today. In this episode, I sat down with Brianna Battles, a pioneer in pregnancy and postpartum athleticism, who has transformed the way we approach fitness during these transformative periods.

Brianna, founder of Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism™, offers invaluable insights into coaching women to maintain strength and mobility throughout pregnancy and beyond—no matter when they start their fitness journey. From leveraging athlete brain to navigating the ups and downs of training during pregnancy and postpartum, Brianna covers it all.

Exciting News! The Pregnancy And Postpartum Athleticism™ Coaching Certification is ON SALE NOW. This is your opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills, helping moms stay strong and empowered through all stages of motherhood. Whether they're seasoned athletes or are picking up fitness for the first time during pregnancy, this certification equips you to...

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How to Build Out A Million Dollar Offer Stack

business offer offer stack Apr 23, 2024

In this episode of the PT Profit Podcast, I share the breakthroughs and strategies from a recent transformative business event I was at this past weekend. Today, I’ll unveil how personal growth directly influences business success and guide you through building a million-dollar offer stack. We’ll dive into strategic thinking, overcoming distractions, and focusing effectively to achieve business milestones.

Plus, I’ll give you a peek into the “Complete 10K Blueprint” for achieving consistent, predictable cash flows. Join me for a blend of insights, personal experiences, and actionable advice aimed at refining your business and crafting offers that truly sell themselves.






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The Playbook of Life: Coaching, Strength, and Finding Your Field with Phil Dominguez

In this episode, Coach Phil Dominguez takes us through his journey from coaching football to shaping bodies and minds in his outdoor gym. Phil's not your ordinary coach; he's got a knack for making every training session feel like a positive experience. Tune in to hear how football's teamwork and tactics play out in personal training, and get ready to be inspired by Phil's down-to-earth wisdom on pushing limits and chasing goals.



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About the Guest

Phil Dominguez is a California-based football coach and personal trainer known for his dynamic approach to coaching and his deep understanding of team dynamics and individual growth. Phil has dedicated over a decade to coaching high school football before transitioning into personal training. His expertise spans from...

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The 4 Essential Systems Every Successful Business Needs

Today's episode is an unfiltered exploration into the strategies that transformed my own journey from $10K years to $10K days. We're going to dissect the four critical phases of business growth—Design, Deliver, Scale, and Automate—in a way that's practical, actionable, and grounded in real success stories.

Forget the fluff—this is about getting down to the brass tacks of building a business that thrives on its own terms, without the grind of trading time for money. Whether you're a fitness coach, a nutritionist, or a wellness expert, this episode is your springboard to not just achieving but exceeding your business goals.

Join me as we cut through the noise and focus on what truly works, sharing the secrets and systems behind achieving consistent, sustainable success.





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Best Of: A Journey Through Health, Fitness, and Self-Discovery with Kait Ann-Michelle

For this "Best Of" episode, we're bringing back a conversation with Kait Ann-Michelle where we delve into her inspiring story from elite athlete to a health and fitness professional who redefines resilience and personal growth. After a career-ending injury, she ventured beyond the physical, exploring the realms of psychology and integrative medicine to empower others to achieve their peak performance, both mentally and physically.

This episode is more than just a story of overcoming adversity; it's a guide to self-discovery, challenging us to question who we are beyond our roles and achievements. We discuss innovative strategies for optimizing health, navigating life's puzzles, and breaking through mental barriers.

Join us in this "Best Of" series as we explore how to live fully in pursuit of personal and professional excellence. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone in the industry seeking to make meaningful changes with their clients or with themselves....

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Best of: Your Next 10k

business content fitness lead Apr 02, 2024

[NOW OPEN] Create Content that Converts Club. New 21-day challenge: Get 1-5 Clients on Instagram in 21 Days even with a small following: Click to Register.

hallenge starts June 10th 2024


If you're in the fitness biz and hungry for that next level, this one's for you. We're diving back into one of our all-time fave episodes because, let's face it, every time you listen, there's something new to catch—especially as you grow every single day.

In this episode, I'm laying down some real talk about boosting your revenue without the sleaze factor. We're talking about making content that does the heavy lifting for you, turning those likes and shares into genuine cash flow. I've got you covered with straightforward strategies to get your content working overtime, so you can hit those $10K months organically—no need for fancy ads or complicated funnels.

Join me as I share the secret sauce to creating offers that people can't resist, and how...

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