10 Fundamentals of Growing a Fitness Business in 2022

The holidays are coming, and 2021 is nearing its end. Time has flown by this year, especially in comparison to 2020!

There is no better time to prepare for the upcoming year than right now before you get consumed by holiday commitments and the busiest time of the year for FitPros. As an early holiday treat, I am going to give you the 10 Business Fundamentals of Growing a Fitness Business, an update to Episode 11. I am always learning and evolving, and I wanted to bring you the most up-to-date tips that I would utilize myself within my business. 

On this episode I will be unpacking topics such as providing your offer's Transformation, your messaging and market research, and what to do after your launch is done.



You'll hear me dive into:
- One of the biggest mistakes that I made when I started my business.
- Copy and how it can help your business.
- How clients evaluate the perceived value.
...and so much more!


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The Truth About Pilates with Alexa Idama

On this episode, Low Impact Fit's Alexa Idama joins me to talk all things pilates. She walks me through a number of misconceptions about the fitness system, including its common comparison to yoga. Alexa unpacks the differences between the two for us, pointing out various factors that set them apart. Alexa and I also discuss the types of pilates as well as who can do pilates and how often. Pilates can supplement other areas of fitness as well, and we dive into the pros and cons of group classes vs private sessions. 



In this episode, Alexa and I talk about:
- Difference between Reformer and Mat Pilates.
- How pilates works with other forms of exercise.
- The variety pilates offers. 


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About Today's Guest

Alexa Idama has been working in the health and wellness industry for 18 years. She was a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga teacher and Group Fitness Instructor before...

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Million Dollar Low Ticket Memberships with Allison Hollinger

You're going to love this episode, coaches. Allison Hollinger sits down to talk to me today about beginning with zero followers and building to a community of 35,000 strong. She shares tips of how to keep up with the game, which is constantly changing in this online space and dives into how she stays relevant on social media platforms that introduce new functions left and right. In addition to discussing how she built her community, we also talked about how she was able to manage that growth, and she also shared her tips on how she was able to find the right team to help run her business.



You'll hear Allison talk with me about:
- Adapting and staying relevant in the ever-changing social media landscape.
- How to set prices for your services.
- The importance of having a support team to spark creativity.


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About Today's Guest

Allison Hollinger is a healthy recipe creator...

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Yoga for All Bodies with Natalia Tabilo

On today's brand new episode of the PT Profit Podcast, Natalia Tabilo joins me to talk all things yoga. Natalia is the founder of Yoga For All Bodies, and she shares with me how Yoga impacted her mental health and ignited a passion that led to her becoming an instructor for all types of people. She tailors her classes so that she is able to instruct everyone, regardless of their body type or experience level. With Natalia, no one will be left behind.

Natalia talks to me about researching yoga and about some of its misconceptions. She also tells me about the obstacles that she has encountered as an instructor. We also dive into her preference for using "variations" rather than "modifications." It was wonderful getting to chat with Natalia.



Natalia and I discuss:
- Why it is important to be specific about what kind of yoga is being taught.
- The difference between modifications and variations.
- The impact of Yoga as a...

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An Offer a Day Keeps the Debt Away

Coaches, today it's just you and me, and I'm sharing my experiences building my business. I dive into how I manage to maneuver when I fall into traps and how I've turned things around. I also unpack what an offer is, what its role is inside of your business, and the strategies you can implement to in order to cater clients all year round. We will also tap into the most important thing your business should have that will make it profitable.



Today I dive into:
- Common mistakes that struggling entrepreneurs make.
- Running an evergreen and a launch business strategy.
- Components of running a profitable business.


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Training Mobility Athletes with Dr. Nicole Woodard

Today I have the wonderful Dr. Nicole Woodard joining me, and we talk all about Mobility Athletes, what it is all about, and how she came up with it. We dive into how she was able to discover the points that connects the fitness and health industry, which is the basis of the Mobility Athletes program. We also talked about the very thin line of radical responsibility for both clients and coaches.

Nicole also unpacked the Movement Pyramid and its different levels. We also talk about how the mind affects our movement and why that can be a problem!



Today, you'll hear:
- Key points that link the fitness and health industries.
- The responsibilities of a coach vs a client. 
- Radical responsibility.


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About Today's Guest

Dr. Nicole Woodard is the founder and physical therapist of Mobility Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC, a fully online Telehealth and wellness platform that serves...

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How To Price Your Product with Vince Del Monte

Today we have a superstar in the online fitness industry joining us. I am so pumped to bring you all Vince Del Monte, who shares with us invaluable insights into the running an online business. Vince and I dive deep into pricing, the strategies you need to know, and what you can do to scale up your business once you identify the root cases of the problems you may be having. This episode was such a treat for me to record. Vince shares with us what it has been like running his multiple 7-figure business, how he manages to pass through the "Messy Middle," and talks to us about the Red Spot Syndrome.



You'll hear:
- Ways to work your way out of the Saturated Market, past Stiff Competition, and through Impostor Syndrome.
- The pieces of building a business that can't be faked.
- What you need to know about scaling a business.


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About Today's Guest

Vince Del Monte is a 7-Figure Fitness Business...

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How To Optimize Your Health from the Inside Out with Nicole Vienneau

Today I am talking to the incredibly compassionate Nicole Vienneau of Blue Monarch Health. She tells me about being a Registered Nurse and shared her incredible experiences within the world of nursing and fitness. We talked about things happening in our health care system and how she is working hard to close the gap between a hospital nurse who is bound to hospitals' rules and a compassionate nurse that extends a helping hand to those that really need the help. We also talked about how she discovered Nurse Coaching and the potential it has to help prevent and manage chronic illnesses.



Today, Nicole and I dive into:
- Compassion fatigue and burnout.
- Things you can do to prevent or manage chronic illness.
- What clinicians can do to connect with patients.
...and so much more.

It was a pleasure and a privilege getting to talk to Nicole for this episode, and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording it.


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Shifting Your Identity with Adam Kiddoo

"It was all rooted in fear, doubt and scarcity, and when you work from a place of fear, doubt, and scarcity, you are bound to scarce results."

In this episode, Adam Kiddoo joins me to talk all about shifting your identity. Adam was a coach of mine and was responsible for helping shift my perspective and allowing me to see things from a different lens. In our interview, we dive into intuition, facing your fears, finding your identity, and other insights that you can use for your personal life and for your businesses.



You'll hear us discuss:
- Finding your Identity and the qualities of masculine and feminine energies.
- How to tell if you are inspired or overthinking.
- The pros and cons of being a giver.
...and so much more!


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About Today's Guest

Adam Kiddoo is motivational speaker and personal coach who transforms passive entrepreneurs into Heart Centered...

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The Neuroscience of Dance with Sophia Martins

Coaches, today we have Sophia Martins, a neuroscientist and dancer, joining us to talk all about neuroscience and how it can help athletes, dancers and our clients. In this episode, Sophia shared her detailed knowledge on what happens to a performer's brain when experiencing memory lapses. She also discussed how she as a neuroscientist helps performers and dancers in fixing their performance anxiety in a very simple and fun way, a tool that could be used for anyone nervous about going to the gym.



You'll hear:
- How neuroscience can help the dancing community.
- Neurological impairment.
- What happens to a brain when experiencing memory laps.


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About Today's Guest

Sophia Martins is an international neuroscientist, dancer, performer, and dance teacher.

Through her postgraduate studies in neuroscience, she joined her passions by doing her research thesis on the brain mechanisms beyond dance,...

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